real shit

This is it. The post you’ve been looking for. The answer of why you’re not in my life and stay in your old-pages-smelling life. I will not welcome back a person who preys on my past flames.

Actually, I will not respect a person who seems to attach themselves to the ones I rejected.

Everything is so romanticized through Tumblr and only the high points are on Facebook. Here is the truth: A person who seeks those who are heartbroken and somehow finds “poetry” or some false belief that you can bond over it is, in my eyes, pathetic. There is no need for a support group. I am complimented that the boys who lost my love can be so interesting to you. It means that even the things I throw away are not trash. If you want to contact me from further notice, just label the message “in need of your used goods.”

I know that you read this and here is my message: you cannot find solace in those that I left behind. Think about it: you’re following the life of a person who refused to be by my side when I was sitting in doctors offices getting tested for cervical cancer from the HPV he gave me.

Think about it.